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I am going to get a visit visa to UK. How I will be able to

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I am going to get a visit visa to UK. How I will be able to turn it to a Permenant Residence when I arrive there?



Thanks for your question.


I assume you are a national of a non-EEA member stated country.


It is a condition of your visitor's visa that you must leave before the expiry of the visa which you have been granted. Usually it is limited to 6 months.


There is, I regret to say, no possibility of your applying for indefinite leave to remain (permanent resident) at the end of your visa. It is simply not permitted and, in fact, the only way you could stay for any length of time after your visa expires is if there are exceptional compassionate reasons why you should be granted further leave to remain (eg. Where to remove you would provably affect your health because of a serious and existing health condition).

If you wish to apply for ILR you must do so under the normal ways (eg. Either by a visa based on a family relationship (eg. Wife) or as a sponsored skilled worker (ie. Tier 2):-


It is very important that you do not overstay your visitor's visa because this could prejudicially affect any future application for a visa that you make.


I am very sorry it could not be better news.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Thank you very much for your reply. I have been informed that I can be granted a 5 years visit visa to UK where as you have mentioned I cannot stay more than 6 months. But they informed me that I can change this to a Residence Visa for 3 years if I opened a company and started making profit or if I found a job.


So I want to ask if it is easy to get a job in UK while I am on my visit visa or I can open a company to be able to take a 3 years Residence and afterwards apply for the PR.



You will note that I said generally visitor's visas are granted for 6 months. The visitor's visa you refer to is, I think, a multi-entry vistor's visa., which pemits you to enter and leave the UK provided you do not stay in the UK for more than 6 months in any 12 months period. As it is a visitor's visa you would still not be able to work or set up a company and work for that company during that time, so I'm not sure the advice you have received is quite correct.


Similaly, the UKBA do not permit switching from a visitor's visa to one of the workers category (ie. entrepreneurial, investor or tier 2 on the above link) whilst you are in the UK. They would require you to return home and make the application from there.

If your ultimate aim is to gain permanent residency in the UK and you are not in a relationship with a UK or EEA-member state national then you would have to apply under the bracketed ways in the paragraph above. The information is contained in the link in my previous post. A visitor's visa (multi-entry or otherwise) is not appropriate if you wish to secure PR.

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Kind regards,


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