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I have a contract with Veolia waste services to empty my wheelie

Resolved Question:

I have a contract with Veolia waste services to empty my wheelie bins at my business, i'd like to cancel because of poor service and the fact they are giving me bad press by association due to their involvement in Palestine . Their contact seems unfair to me, if you do not cancel exactly three months before the anniversary date the contract auto rolls for another year. Do I have any case to terminate this contract early without sanction?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



Thanks for your Question.


I'm afraid that the consumer legislation (ie. Sale of goods, supply of goods and services act, unfair terms in consumer contracts etc) does not apply where the contract is between one business to another so you cannot rely on this to terminate or hold that ther terms of termination are unfair.


You need to check the express terms of the contract and see if they have breached any of them. If they have breached a term that is sufficiently serious so that it goes to the root of the contract to deny you substantially the whole of the benefit of the contract then you could terminate on the basis of this repudiatory breach of contract.


If there are not breaches then you will be bound by the termination clause in the contract.


Their alleged conduct with regard to Palestine is not relevant to your contractual issues, except obviously to the extent that you may not choose to contract any further with them in the future.

Sorry it could not be better news.


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