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hi i want to know if a 7 year old kid can apply for citizenship

Resolved Question:

hi i want to know if a 7 year old kid can apply for citizenship as the child was born in uk but the parents and child has no status at the moment?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



How long has the chlid been in the UK please?


What status did the parents and the child have when they arrived in the UK please?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The child was born here in uk and she is 7 year old. so 7 years
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
father was on assylum and mother came as a spouse they both dnt hold british passports.
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



Thanks for your reply.


I am very sorry but your child is not presently entitled to be registerted as a UK citizen. The fact that she was born here does not mean she is eligible. She will be eligible for the nationality you and you wife are, but if neither of you are British then UK citizenship is not a possibility.

The only way she could become a UK ctiizen is if she first obtained indefinite leave to remain. If a person does not have leave to remain (ie. illegal) then they may only qualify for ILR if the stay continuously in the UK for a period of 14 years. They must be able to prove this 14 year stay in the UK by producing documentary evidence '(eg. school/job records, accomodation evidence, bank statements, witness statement etc) showing that they have been here for this time.

It is obviously hugely risky attempting to stay to reach this target because it could be that in the next 7 year the rules are changed. There is information and guidance on this here:-


Once this has been obtained a person may apply for naturlisation as a UK citizen after a further 5 years after obtained ILR because only when you obtain ILR will you have leave to remain. There are restrictions on the amount of time you can spend outside the UK whilst on ILR and in order to be eligible for UK citizenship by naturalisation.


It's obviously a very difficult situation, you have my sympathies and I'm very sorry I could not have better news for you.


If this has been useful please kindly click accept so that I may be rewarded for my time. It will be gratefully received and you will be free to ask follow up questions.

Kind regards,


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