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I am currently trying to renew my passport. im 34, white british

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I am currently trying to renew my passport. im 34, white british and have lived here all my life. my application is being looked at because 10 years ago when i applied for my last passport it never arrived in the post and i needed to apply for an emergency passport. i received this passport and carried on for the next 10 years up till now. Im now being asked vague questions about this situation by the case worker dealing with my passport application. i have been asked to produce this passport which as far as i know i did not receive. i have produced all the passports i have owned but i get the feeling there is more to this that they are letting on to me. My questions. do i need to seek legal advice before any further contact with my case worker?
What questions should i be asking my case worker relating to this subject?
Should i have a legal representation present at my next meeting?
Did you explain at the time of applying for an emergency passport that it was because of the non-receipt of the other pasport?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My memory is shit but the case worker showed me a page form my application 10 years ago which said the application was being made due to the passport being lost in the post.



What sort of impression did you get from the passport office about why they were interview?


Were you able to get a handle on any suspicions they had?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The case worker has been very restricted in his questions even when i have asked further questions to try and understand what he wants.

His last question before i left the meeting yesterday was something like go away and think about what you did in 2001 with no hint as to what he wanted.

I can only think he thinks i have the passport which did not turn up the first time but im sure i would have sent it back if it had turned up at some point.

Surely and i would have hoped that the passport i reported lost would have been cancelled by the passport office so could not have been used by me by mistake or anyone else using it illegally?

As far as i know i havent done anything wrong but they seem to be treating me as if i have?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The passport i have been using for the last 10 years has never been questioned entering or leaving any country and the passport office have not contacted me to suggest there were any problems over the last 10 years.



1 Did you report the non-receipt of the passport to the police?


2. Did you have any further dealings with the police or the passport office upon you return using the emergency passport issued to you? If not, why not? Did you consider that you had discharged your duty to inform the office already?


3. Is the passpot that you have been using for the past 10 years still the emergency passport issued to you 10 years ago?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
1. I do not believe i reported the non-receipt of the passport to the police.

I guess i would have only reported it to the passport office.

2. i do not remember if i had further dealings with the passport office.

Once i received my new passport i would have considered that to be the end of that. I had my passport

3. As i dont have any passports now as i have handed them in to the passport office to help the
investigation so i cant check if passport i have been using for the past 10 years is the emergency one
but i do not believe i changed it since getting it so it must be. The issue date was 07 june 2001 and
the expiry date on it was 07 june 2011. a full 10 years.
so it was a 10 year passport.


It would be quite unusual for them to issue an emergency passport which is valid for ten years. Usually they are only granted to cover the period of time that you will be away.


It appears that the passport officier thinks something funny has gone on. You can either do two things 1) Wait until the respond further and deal with what they come back with or 2) be pro-active


If you decide to be proactive then I would see a local solicitor about executing a statutory delcaration. This is a sworn document of your understanding. If you misrepresent matters or tell untruths then you could face criminal proceedings and because of this it generally carries more weight then simple conversations or correspondence.


In the declaration you can explain what happend ten years ago to the best of your knowledge. State that you did not receive the passport you ordered and had to obtain what you thought was an emergency passport (if this what you believe you did) which you have held until now. Impress upon them that you are not an expert in passport procedure. State that you reported the non-receipt of your earlier passport to the passport office but not the police and that if this was a breach of the rules (to not go to the police) then it was simply a result of your misunderstanding of the rules and/or honest mistake).


If you have no criminal record you should state this. IF there are persons willing to submit letters of reference on your behalf then ask them to do so and refer to them in the declaration.

If there are person who can remember you speaking of not receiing your passport at the time then you may consider asking them to execute a statutory declaration confriming this.


The more supporting evidence you can give the less likely they are to be suspicious.

Stat decs cost around £40-50 + Vat per declaration from a local solicitor


I hope this helps, if so please kindly click accept so that I may be rewarded for my time. It will be gratefully received and you will be free to ask follow up questions.


Kind regards,





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Tom,

I will accept your answer as you have helped me and spent time talking to me which i appreciate.

But could you give me a few questions i should ask my case worker relating to this subject when he calls me later on today which will help identify possible key points i need to know to resolve this properly?

Just be honest with him.


If what I have said above applies to you then say it. Ask him directly is he has any suspicisions, or if there is any further information within your control that he would like from you. Offer to execute a statutorty declaration to see if this will assist.


Ask him if there is anything out of the ordinary about the process you have gone through. Say that you are happy to reassure him in any way that you can but you need to know why he considers your application to not be straightforward.


Don't be adversarial with him, just try to be concerned but constructive.


Trust this clarifies, if so please click accept.

Kind regards,


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