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its not really a law question, i am getting my passport renewed,

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it's not really a law question, i am getting my passport renewed, the question i want to ask is on my passport and birth certificate is spelled asafa, but on my driving licence and the rest of bill its asifa it's always been like will that stop them from renewing my passport

I take it you are to complete you passport application in the same name and not disclose the incorrect name on your driving license/bills?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes i am using my same name on passport to renewew it



Thanks for your reply.


It should not be an issue in so far as renewing your passport is concerned, given that your current passport and your Birth Certificate properly list your name. You should receive your new passport without a problem.


I would suggest though that after having received your new passport that you contact the various institutions who have you listed incorrectly and make arrangements to have them register you with your correct name. Certainly in the case of the driving licence and probably for the bank accounts you will have to execute what is called a statutory declaration.

This is a document sworn by you in front of a solicitor and usually drafted by a them as well. It explains who you are, refers to you passport and birth certificate which is exhibited to it (ie. copies are attached to it). It would explain that the name listed on your passport and birth certificate is the correct name and by virtue of administrative error (or what ever the reason is) that your driving licence and other accounts incorrectly list your name.


You should ask for certified copies of the statutory declaration as you may have to pass a copy to each of the institutions when you ask them to amend their records to your correct name.

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