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I was refused during an applycation for a post study work visa.

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I was refused during an applycation for a post study work visa. I got 0 points in the maintenance, because the statements i sent were not signed or stamped by my bank, which btw will not do it.



I assume you have appeal your case to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. If you have they are permitted to consider evidence not available to you at the time of making the application so there is no question that they will be able to consider the statements. when they come.


Hopefully they will come but as a precaution I would physically go to the branch of the bank and ask to be personally assisted by one of their customer service personnel. State your position to them and ask them to provide you with the relevant statements on headed paper, either signed or stamped. They are providing a service to you so you should say that you consider this critical to your ongoing relationship and that if they cannot assist then you shall take your business elsewhere.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have been in more than 7 different branches of my bank Lloyds TSB, and according to the "new policies" of the bank, they will not sign or stamp any statement or paper(only on the day balance) for my accounts. I feel hand tied in this situation. According to them I have to wait around 5 to 7 working dates to get the statements in different envelopes and I have only 10 working days to sent the IAFT-1 plus documentation and a letter giving my reasons. Is there anything I could do against this bureaucratic bank in case the statements arrived out of time?. I have previously applied to different visa permits in other embassies and in this cases Lloyds used to provide me with all statements signed and stamped on the day I visited them.
I have contact the tribunal and they were not aware of this kind of policies and told me to send asap my application form saying that my bank statements are on its way. I not really keen on sending my documents separately and I would like to know opinion on it.

Thank you beforehand.



An IAFT1 is a notice of appeal. This is purely for the purpose of putting them on notice that you wish to appeal the decision before immigration tribunal.


You should file the notice of appeal along with the grounds of appeal (ie. that you will have the appropriate documentation in time for the appeal) and that the immigration officer should have exercised their discretion differently. An appeal will be set after this and you only have to submit the documents 5 days prior to the date set for the hearing. You do not need the documents available to you at the time you give them notice that you intend to appeal (by submitting the form IAFT1), although if you do have the documents when you send the IAFT1 then this may trigger them to make a reconsideration of your case without the need to appeal.


It is essential though that you send the IAFT1 and grounds for appeal within the 10 days, but as stated you do not actually need to submit the documents at this stage.


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