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I believe my neighbour is spying on me with an electronic listening

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I believe my neighbour is spying on me with an electronic listening device (contact microphone). Is this a 'civil' issue or can I go to the Police ? I can't see how the Police could do anything and I don't want to sound mad :(


Thank you for your question. I will try to help with this.


Why do you suspect a listening device?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Due to the timing and nature of the noises. For instance I often stay up extremely late playing computer games (with headphones on). I don't have any speakers on nor do I speak into a microphone and the TV is off. Yet as soon as I go to bed, whether it is 11.00pm or 3.30am, I hear someone loudly plugging something into a socket on the internal wall. Its not the noise itself that disturbs me as much as how closely it 'shadows' my bed time despite how quiet I am and yet never happens when I have guests - only when I am on my own.
I have also heard from friends on my estate that this lady has told my other neighbours that I am paranoid.

Thats not a criminal matter Im afraid. The police would not have any interest in that.

If you want to pursue it then you will have to report this to the council or take civil action yourself Im afraid.

I am sorry this is disappointing but please remember to click on accept. I will continue to help.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello Jomo.
Ok, this has started again. It has been fairly quiet for a while but for the last 3 days (since I said hello to my neighbour when we both left the house at the same time!) it has started again. This is driving me crazy - literally. You mentioned that you would be able to assist further so please let me know how.
How much time and money would be involved in trying to bring a civil case ? I have researched into a way of detecting this type of device but do not see how it is possible. The only way I can see of knowing for sure it is to do the same thing that I believe they are doing :( However I do not want to stoop to this and want to maintain the moral highground if I have to go to court. And what if I was wrong ?

Well, it would be very difficult to prove this.

If its just listening then that would not offend against data protection as its not a recording.

There isn't a way usually of detecting a listening device although there are sometimes means of detecting a recording.

All you could do is seek some form of injunction but it would probably be fruitless anyway because there is no way of detecting a breach.