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How can I find recent legal cases and the outcomes on cases

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How can I find recent legal cases and the outcomes on cases in the UK. I mean like if I wanted to search people selling cannabis who have been prosecuted recently and what the outcome of the case is. I would greatly appreciate any help
Welcome to JustAnswer! If you've any queries once you've read my answer do ask. When satisfied, kindly click the Green ACCEPT button.

The best sources are expensive paid for services that professionals and law students use though you can sometimes access them for free if you are affiliated with a university by your athens login.

THe best free source is
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello. Many thanks with your speedy reply. It is greatly appreciated. Can you help me guiding me how to do a search on the website. I I want to search for people who have been caught selling cannabis and what happened in there case. Many thanks
Here are your best bets:

Netts [1997] 2 Cr App R (S) 117
90kg of cannabis resin in 24 packages. D acting as courier. No pre-cons. 5 Years.

Chatfield (1983) 5 Cr App R (S) 289
2kg cannabis. G plea. 30 months.

Hill (1988) 10 Cr App R (S) 150
Dealing cannabis from home earning £100pw. G plea. Dealing small amounts to a large amount of people. 21 months.

Freeman [1997] 2 Cr App R (S) 224
G Plea to possession of cannabis with intent to supply a serving prisoner in prison. No related pre cons. 15 months.

Donovan [2005] 1 Cr App R (S) 16
Possession of 409gm cannabis with intent to supply. G plea. Good character. 6 months.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello Sir, How did you do this search?this is exactly what Im looking but I would like to do it on other searches such as cocaine etc. Also can I click these so that I can look at more information into the case. Many thanks
Ah thats where the paid for professional services come in I'm afraid. Bailii is useful but I don't pretend it is going to be very usable for you for this purpose. You can't click the clinks but you can paste the references into Balii and they should come up

Here's one more freebie for class A.

NB Section 110 PCC(S)A 2000 minimum 7 years for 3rd Class A since 30.9.97.

The leading case on sentencing is R v Aramah (as amended and edited).
The minimum sentence for possession of Class A with intent should be 3 years. But see R v Singh (Satvir) 10 Cr App R (S) 402 which raised the minimum guideline to 5 years.

Afonso [2005] 1 Cr App R (S) 560 (Guideline Case)
Out of work, young addicts, no pre cons, dealing to fund their own habits, 2-2 and a half years. Later decided cases suggest Afonso should not be departed from without good cause. See Preston AGs ref No 40 of 2008 which reconfirms Afonso, and increased a suspended sentence to 2 and half years.

See also Djahit [1999] 2 Cr App R (S) 142
Low level dealer, no pre cons, modest means, 6 years prison.

Babbington [2006] 1 Cr App R (S) 4
Supply of crack to prisoner, 3 years.

Whittle [2007] EWCA Crim 539
2 x Possess Class A with intent to supply. 39 wraps of heroin and 58 of crack.
Street value £3k. 5 years upheld.

Skidmore [1997] 1 Cr App R (S) 15
D in nightclub with 50 tablets which she was selling as Ecstasy. In fact harmless substance. 2 years.

R v O'Brien 1994 15 Cr App R (S) 556
Sharing high purity heroin with friends, one of whom died. 3 years.

NB In all cases, forensic analysis of drugs to determine purity is appropriate where amounts are in excess of 500gm

Edited by Joshua on 10/28/2010 at 12:54 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sir this is very helpful but is there no way at all I can do this myself using a free service?Can you lastly show me a few results for people selling steroids. I hate to trouble you like this,that is why I want to be able to do it myself
You could have a look at the CPS sentencing manual on the CPS website.

There is no caselaw for steroids but guidelines are the same as class B. Sentencing guidelines were laid down in R v Aramah 76 Cr App R 190. The supply of massive amounts will justify sentences in the region of 10 years for those playing anything more than a subordinate role. Otherwise between 1 - 4 years depending upon the scale of the operation. Even supply at a party for example may justify a custodial sentence.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You for your help. Il look further into it
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sir is there also no cases and sentences like you found for the cannabis and class A. Sorry for so many questions. I will definately accept after your answer
Not specifically for steroids but th cannabises cases are relevant to class C Steroids as they are treated similarly for sentencing purposes.
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