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Hi My mother wants to transfer the title deeds for her house

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My mother wants to transfer the title deeds for her house into my name, the object being that we pool our resources and she comes to live with my family. There is no mortgage against the property and no money will change hands between us. I chose to fill out the required forms myself, TR1,ID1,AP1 and I'm struggling with a few sections. Form TR1 section 11 (additional provisions), should I state anything at all or just write 'none'? What do we say in the section that requires a statement or form of execution?




Thanks for your question.


S.11 of form TR1 is reserved for when parties have agreed additional covenants or amendments to what is within the Seller's knowledge. You should not enter anything here. If there are covenants affecting the property then the seller would usually require an indemnity covenant to be inserted her if one already exists on the Official Copies (it would be listed in the proprietorship register). If there is no indemnity covenant then a buyer would usually resist one being inserted.


If there is no indemnity covenant you can leave it blank.


The transferee and transferor must both execute the TR1 form in the appropriate sections.


For each person insert the following:-


Signed as deed by




Witness Sign: ...................

Witness Name: ...................

Witness Address: ...................

Occupation .....................




Each signature should be witnessed by an independent non-family witness over 18 years of age who must sign before printing their name, address and occupation.


If you send and application in and the LR cannot register it they will only raise a requisition on it, bring it to your attention and ask you to answer it appropriately.

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