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Back in June of this year, I checked out the Autotrader for

Customer Question

Back in June of this year, I checked out the Autotrader for a Chrysler Grand Voyager. There was an advert for a blue model that also contained 3 TV screens which I thought was ideal for the kids.

I phoned up the advertiser, SanMax Performance in Bristol who in turn informed me that the car had been sold. He did however tell me that he had another one coming in which he would fit the same in car DVD system to inclusive in the price.

The price was £3995 for a 2001 model with 74000 miles on the clock.
His website boasts that all cars come with full service history and a full MOT.
I spoke with one of the directors, Paul Cugley who was very friendly over the phone and assured me that the Chrysler was in great condition and everything was working.

He arranged all the finance for me and even told the finance company that I had put down a £500 deposit which I hadn't. At the time, I was grateful.

My last three cars I have purchased on Ebay and Autotrader and relied on the vendor's integrity to send me suitable photographs of the vehicle to save me driving excessive distances.
Despite two assurances that the car would be delivered to me at a halfway way location, the car eventually arrived on the third attempt at my in laws in Marlow.
It was driven over by Paul Cugley's father.

I found a huge chip and dent on the nearside passenger door, the windscreen washer did not work (an MOT failure), one of the rear TV screens did not work and neither did the rear sliding door.
Above all, there was an engine misfire when the engine was under load.
Cugley's father told me that he was only the driver and that I should take up the problem with his son, which I did.

Again despite several promises to pick my car up and endless chase up telephone calls to supply me with a courtesy car, he always failed to show up.
Eventually I drove the car down to Bristol myself so that the work could be completed.

They were in possession of my car for 2 1/2 weeks. Again, I would chase them up to be told different version of events by different people.
Eventually again I drove down to Bristol to pick the car up.

Despite having had the car for that period of time they failed to rectify the misfire, failed to repair the windscreen washer, failed to repair the sliding door fault and failed to repair the non working TV screen.

I was told that the misfire had been fixed along with all the other faults. Paul Cugley even told me that he had run out of auto fuses and that I should buy one to get the screen working.
On my return home I fitted the fuse which instantly blew.
On checking the wiring I found that it had not been touched in any way to when I delivered the car to them.
I have since had to pay someone else £80 to have the wiring work rectified and the engineer was appalled at the standard of workmanship.
The only thing they did complete was the repair to the paint chip.

The misfire has been getting worse so I took it into a local garage who have informed me that there is a serious fault with the engine valves and would cost in excess of £1000 to repair.

I have not been supplied with any form of service history despite being assured that it exists. I was promised by Paul Cugley that he had sent off the log book to have it registered in my name.
I have since checked with DVLA who have informed me that no forms have ever been submitted in relation to my vehicle, only that they have received a request to register the vehicle in SanMax's name.

It currently stands that he is ignoring my phone calls. He told me that he would arrange for pick up of the vehicle this Monday (20/09) and drop off a courtesy car, he hasn’t contacted me yet as promised to organise this and I can guarantee he will not turn up.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 7 years ago.



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