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any one there who can reply to my question asked yesterday

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any one there who can reply to my question asked three times pls pls pls pls reply whats wrong .



I cannot see your original question (ie. switching to student visa with four dependents) - please confirm that you have not received an answer and I shall answer it on this thread.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.



sir, i am on post study work visa which is due to expire on 19th of this month sep 2010,

i just want to know that, what are the funds required , maintenance and fee and also i have four dependents applying with me, available funds in my bank , for 28 days or two month or 9 months what exectly the figure & duration i need to show it is very important for me i paid all my fee for the first year & also again i would like to inform that i am switching my status, from post stduy work into student , my dependents r with me in the uk and we want to apply from inside the uk, also my tier 4 sponsor is in outer london



In terms of maintenance, the answer is based upon your being based in outer London. A Student must have £600 per calender month of their course up to maximum of 9 months. You should calculate this by reference to the length of your course.


Each dependent must have £400.00 per calender month for each of the main applicants course up to a maximum of 9 months. Again you can calculate this by reference to the length of your course.


You Sponsor can provide evidence of the money you have already paid with their Confirmation of Studies (CAS). If they have already provided this then you will need to submit an original paper receipt for the fees you have paid.confirming that you have paid all your course fees.


If you or your sponsor have already paid some money towards accommodation then you should show this in the form accordingly.


Once you have calculated the amounts you should call the UKBA prior to making your application to double check the right amounts are being used.


You must show that you have held the required money for a consecutive 28-day period (finishing on the date of the closing balance) ending no more than one month before your application:-


Here is the link to the help text on completing the form which contains the information required for applicants:-


And for dependents:-


When you contact the UKBA you should also ask them to confirm fees, because they are changing soon and it is better coming from the houses mouth as it were.


If this is useful please kindly click accept so that I may be rewarded for my time. It will be gratefully received and you will be free to ask follow up questions.


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