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Resolved Question:

I live in Northern Ireland. Recently a cousin of mine died. He had made a will. I would like to view the will and don't know the procedure to go about doing this. I was not a benefactor of the will. Does anyone have a right to view a will?

I have reason to believe that a new will was drawn up shortly before he died. Is it possible to view the previous will?

Any information or advice would be much appreciated.
Sam Dunn
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.

Good afternoon Sam,


Once a grant of probate has been obtained in his estate the Will shall be attached to it, the grant is a public document so you can pay for a copy (there is a £5.00 fee in England for this and I shouldn't think it will be much more expensive in NI).


If one has not been taken out yet then you should ask them to perform a "standing search" of the probate calender. This will inform you if a grant is taken out within the next six months and you will be sent a copy.


Royal Courts of Justice
PO Box 410
Chichester Street

Tel:(NNN) NNN-NNNN4678

Email: [email protected]


It is up to the executors named in you cousin's will as to who they are willing to reveal the Will to. You have to investigate who they are and see if they are minded to address your concerns by showing you the Will. They are not under a duty to show it to you.


If you still have strong concerns then you need to instruct a contentious probate solicitor in your area, he will write to them initially and ask them to address you concerns and act thereafter in making sure the estate is not administered incorrectly.


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Kind regards,



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