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can i legally change my title to sir or lord

Resolved Question:

can i legally change my title to sir?
I see websites like elite titles selling these and not sure if it is legal to change my title.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.



Thanks for you question.


I'm a touch confused, but you can only legtimately use the title "Sir" if you have in fact received a knighthood from Her Majesty. There is no other legal way of acquiring a knighthood or otherwise becoming a knight.


If you have a knighthood then instituition will ask you to produce evidence of the bestowel of that honour upon you before the list you as a knight.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Elitetitles emailed me and they said they are not selling me a title of peerage but the titles they sell is reconised under common law, something about an international law where you can change your title as long as it is not for fraudulant use.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.



No, there are plenty of title selling website and they only genuine British title that can be purchased is the feudal title of a Scottish baron. Were one of these to be sold it would be sold through an professional agent for a significant sum of money. I've had a look at the website and this is not what we have here.


You can 'inherit' some titles through a purchase of land but you cannot purchase a genuine peerage.


If it's not a title of peerage then it is not a genuine title and therefore if you purchase through them you should do so accepting the risk that what you purchase will not be recognised by those institutions you wish to register with and consequently of little value.


Invite them to refer you to the specific piece fo legislation or case which backs up what they are saying.





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