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My wife and I own our home ( small mortgage outstanding. As

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My wife and I own our home ( small mortgage outstanding. As we are getting on in age, we wish to add our duaghters name to the title deeds as she will inherit the propert upon our death. How can this be simply and economically accomplished?



Thanks for your question.


If there is a mortgage on the property then you cannot register her as a joint owner without the consent of your mortgage company. They will likely insist that she is also named on your mortgage as well, so it would be for your daughter to decide if she is agreeable to undertaking (with you) to be responsible for the mortgage conditions and liabilities.


If your daughter and mortgage company agree to do this then the mortgage company will likely ask a solicitor to make the application for them to ensure their charge continues to be properly registered against the registered title to the property. If they are happy to merely provide a consent and for you to undertake the transfer and registration (which is not that likely to be honest) then you would have to execute a Land Registry transfer form TR1 and submit it with an AP1 application to the Land Registry to update the registered.


Both forms are available for download here ( , and the LR's customer support number is XXXXX useful for lay persons completing their own applications.


It may just be simpler to check that your Wills are properly drafted to convey the house to your daughter upon your deaths.


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Edited by Thomas on 5/15/2010 at 11:28 AM EST
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