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Hi There! How can i prove that i took adverse posession

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Hi There!

How can i prove that i took adverse posession from the date im going to do it?
Should i take photographs etc?
The land im going to take adverse posession on isnt registered, should i ask the neighbours who owns the land?

Thank you.



Have you already taken been using the land over which you are hoping to claim adverse possession, or are you going to take possession of it and wish to document that fact?


Kind regards,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Tom

Im going to claim adverse posession and i want to prove the date that i did it on.

Yes, but have you already been using the land? If so, presumably the date on which you started to use it will be the date from which you wish the requisite time period to run from.....


Kind regards,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Im going to start using it from next week but what would be the best way to prove the date that i started using it from? should i have a whitness?

Yes. It would be a good idea to have a witness there. The witness should be independent (ie. preferably a professional, but certainly not a family member). You can then go and see a local solicitor to prepare a separate statutory declarations by both you and witness to state that you started using the land. These could be supplemented in the future by further stat decs confirming your continued use of the land.


The preparation of the stat decs should not be too expensive, probably around the £100 mark and you will have to take them to a further solicitor to have them sworn for £5.00. Any solicitor other than the one who prepared the docs can swear them for you.


IF you can also take photographs then this would corroborate your stat decs and if the photos themselves can display the date then all the better. Otherwise, you can just both refer to the taking of those photos in your stat decs.


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