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I am going to be renting a house from a relative. I am also

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I am going to be renting a house from a relative. I am also on housing benefits (and am over 60 years). She has asked me to put together a tenancy agreement which I have agreed to do but I'm unsure as to what I need to have in it and how full of various clauses it needs to be. Please advise.

Hello Mary,


Thanks for your question.


Almost all tenancy agreements are let on assured shorthold tenancy agreements. You can download precedent agreements.


I would start at the Residential Landlords Association. You can pay a small fee to download a precedent agreement and complete it yourselves:-


The department of Communities & Local Government has a guide to tenancy agreements which is probably essential reading for you both prior to entering into an agreement:-


If you are to provide a deposit under an AST then this must be placed in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme, information here:-


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi - I'm afraid that this doesn't really give me much information. The RLA is designed to protect landlords rather than tenants and I would like to weight it for the tenant while still being fair to the landlord. I did ask specifically for my circumstances, which you haven't addressed. However, I will check with the department of communities and local government.

The tenancy agreement will differ very little from the other online document providers and are not really 'weighted' in favour of one party or another, they are there to provide clarity to both parties rather than to catch one out.


There is a further guide drafted for tenants, but it varries very little from the guide I orginally referred you to:-


If there are specific clause which you feel you require clarification or advice relating to your particular arrangement I would be happy to address them for you. If not I think your original question has been answered and if you consider that it has then I would be grateful if you would click accept.

Kind regards,



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