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how much can the csa take from my wages Recently i have stated

Customer Question

how much can the csa take from my wages? Recently i have stated to pay arrears on csa which i have not been informed about, i earn a basic wage og £250 per week but lose that on commision basis if i earn £251 per week, they have taken my net income down to £168 per week which does not cover my expenses. Seeking information i approached the csa where they explained csa takes priority over all debts to which i explained these were not debts but living expenses in the current climate, this fell on deaf ears and the same explanation was repeated to me time after time and i gave up. I decided to do overtime on what is already a 96 hour week for me which hasd taken its toll on my health, i was happy to hear i had earned £649 i knew they would take more however i did not expect to be taken back down to £168, £315 was removed. I can no longer afford to run my car which when the tax and mot run out shortly i cannot get to work as transport does not stop near there, i am at a loss and need help?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Clare replied 7 years ago.


the maximum that they can take is 40% of your wages

you can try and challenge the amount of the arrears - it is best to seek assistance from a specialist firm such as