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solicitor held back sum of money when paying money from probate

Resolved Question:

solicitor held back sum of money when paying money from probate over 2 years ago i
believe very strongly iam owed this money could you please tell me the way to get it
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.

Hello Josephine,

Thanks for your question.


Were you a beneficiary of the estate?


Please do not press accept, this was intended as an info request only.


Kind regards,



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.



Right, you should have received a Statement of the Estate Accounts upon the finalising the administration of the estate assets.


Was the money to which you refer included on the estate accounts and did the estate accounts show it as distributed in accordance with the deceased's Will or held back for some reason? If so please specify the reason.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

held back if railways pension and DWP was claiming repaments 99% there was

non also preium bonds

when i enqired about bonds to NS&i wrote to me on 12 march 10 saying warrent was paid to solicitdrs on dec 2009

Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.

Okay, I wouldn't bother telephoning the solicitors anymore. If the solicitor were so inclined, they are easier to ignore than a letter.


Write formally to your solicitor setting out those assets you just mentioned and stating that you are concerned that they yet to be account for. Refer to the letter you have received from NS&i, attach a copy and ask why you were not contacted about the bonds being remitted the solicitor and why they have held on to them for 3 months. Ask them about interest on interest-earning assets and ask them to account for that too.


Ask for detailed statements of the estate accounts so that you can check to see that all assets have been accounted for. Ask the solicitor to respond within 7 days otherwise you will lodge a formal complaint and initiate their internal complaints procedure. This will get their attention and they will certainly respond, mention 'complaint' and all solicitor jump.


In situation where you are unhappy with the services your solicitor has provided to you the Legal Complaints Service (who ultimately deal with complaints) ask that you first go through your solicitors with your complaint. If you are unhappy with their explanation then you can refer your complaint to the LCS:


If the worst become apparent (ie. you have suffered loss because of the solicitor's negligence) then you should go and see another local solicitor practicing probate and instruct him to engage with your solicitors.


Ultimately, if you are the beneficiary of the assets then you will recover the asset and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, it will simply be the solicitor being slack in administering the estate and not negligence.


If this is useful please kindly click accept so that I am rewarded for my time. It will be gratefully received and you will be free to ask follow up questions.


Kind regards,



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
has far as i am aware no final acount has been sent to me
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.



I think you posted immediately after I replied. Please see above.