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How do I get a Certified Copy of my UK passport to send to

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How do I get a Certified Copy of my UK passport to send to the USA IRS with a W-7 form, in order that one of my customers (I am a photographer and a publisher needs to use one of my pictures in a book) can pay me without withholding 30% as tax?



You can get a certified copy of your passport from any solicitor or notary. All it requires is for you to take the passport into their office, they'll copy it (only the page with your photo etc. is required) and then note on the copy something along these lines: 'I, XXXXX, hereby certify this to be a true copy of the original document, British Passport No. XXXXXXX, which has been produced to me this X day of March 2010.' They'll sign it, give it their firm's stamp and you have a certified copy. You will be charged up to around £10 if you go to a High Street solicitor's office, more if you go to a notary public.


Hope that helps.



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