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Hi, Im an self employed dance artist and work for night

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I'm an self employed dance artist and work for night club. I do bollywood dancing. The promoter push me to sign the contract which doesn't allow me to perform bollywood dancing for all period I work for promoter and 12 months after. If I breach this agreement , I have to pay 3000 pounds. I earn 800-900 pounds per months, depend on customers and promoter guarantee me nothing, as I am self employed. I don't have status of employee but also very strict contract... I dance for living. I have only this job and I don't what to do if I need to breach this unfair contract for living. Can you help me, please?
Thank you so much in advance for looking at it.


The contract restriction has to be a reasonable restriction. Usually to make it reasonable it would state that you cant work in a particular area or for particular competitors of the night club. If the restriction is a blanket restriction that prevents you from earning a living it would be deemed to be unreasonable and you would be able to challenge this. Unfortunately you wont know for definite until the matter is tested in court.

The promoter would probably threaten legal action but are they likely to actually go to court. It is a small claims issue and so would be a relatively quick matter to be heard at court.

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