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how do i find out if there is an arrest warrant on me

Customer Question

how do i find out if there is an arrest warrant on me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 7 years ago.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

dont really understand your question, my situation is that i am in spain at the moment. Just wondering if there is a warrant against me ? what information do you need ? my name is XXXXX XXXXX eastgate dob- 15-12-1979

Expert:  Jo C. replied 7 years ago.


Well, is there any reason you think there would be ?


if so, it would be helpful to know what?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
had a few mates with a few problems around me just wondering if there problems may have spiilled over to me.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 7 years ago.




Then what you need to do is get a solicitor to call the station and ask if there is a warrant out for your arrest. If you know where your friends were arrested then that will narrow it down a lot and you can get a solicitor to call that station. They could probably ascertain whether there was one anywhere in the constabulary.


If you do find a warrant though get the solicitor to negotiate an appointment to go in and surrender voluntarily. Then you can do it at a time of your choosing rather than one of theirs.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hows about if i dont know what station the warrant may have come from ? can they do a general search ?
Expert:  Jo C. replied 7 years ago.


They can usually do a search within the constabulary. They can do a multi constabulary search but they never do. Most officers don't know how to use that facility.


But if you know where your friend was arrested, any arrest warrant for you will not be far away from that station.