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Does the landlord have to insulate the loft of a rented property

Resolved Question:

I'm currently living in a flat which I have done for the past 4years. The loft is not insulated which is currently affecting me with large utility bills. The question I have is: Does the landlord have to insulate the loft of a rented property which currently has no insulation what so ever? I read something on the internet that landlords are oblige to do so under the Housing Act and since 2005.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  DR Lawyer replied 7 years ago.

Under recent legislation all a landlord is obliged to do is provide an Energy Performance Certificate when marketing a property to let. This is included in the Home Information Pack that sellers have to have when they are selling a property.


The EPC will of course reveal if a house has poor engery performance which is going to result in large electricity bills and lack of loft insulation will contribute towards then.


The landlord is not, however, obliged to provide loft insulation.


DR Lawyer

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. Just so I totally understand...although I have lived in this flat since 2005 and I have never requested an energy performance certificate I can ask him to provide me with one now? What happens if he can't provide me with one or if he does have one are there any obvious indications on the certificate to tell me if it is a poor performance and what can I do if so? Hope this makes sense.
Expert:  DR Lawyer replied 7 years ago.
He is not obliged to provide you with an EPC but if he got a new tenant in he would need an EPC in order to Market the property for sale.

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