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Hi My mother died 2 years ago this easter. My two brother

Resolved Question:


My mother died 2 years ago this easter. My two brother were named exectors of the estate.

They refuse to settle the estate as per the will. They refuse to disclose any of the details concerning where the house and personal items went. They refused to supply copies of the will.
They refuse to disclose any of the bank statments concering the estate. There is in addition a property that in the will is left in trust to myself and my 2 brothers with any money earned from the property to be shared. equally. They refuse to discuss the property or put it on the market. The solicitor who drew up the will refuses to discuss any thing about the estate.
my percived share in the estate how do I proceed in getting this sorted out.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  legal eagle 73 replied 7 years ago.

hi there


as a beneficiary in the estate you are entitled to information regarding the administration of it. Therefore, the solicitor should answer your queries


You should write a letter to the solicitors saying that you have taken independent legal advice and understand you are entitled to information regarding the estate as a beneficiary. Then list the Q's you want answered. If the solicitor fails to respond, write another letter addressed to the complaints partner in that firm. If you still get no joy, you can complain to the law Society.


Failing this, as a long term measure, it sounds as if you will have to apply to the Court to remove your brothers as the executors due to their failure to administer the estate. You will need to consult a specialist contentious probate lawyer to do this.


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