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I am an english woman who will marry her egyptian boyfriend

Resolved Question:

I am an english woman who will marry her egyptian boyfriend next month, what are the legal implications of this (i don't want to be put off just know the facts).
we went to the british embassy in Cairo a couple of weeks ago to do this but I did not have my decree absolute with me, it said on the application form that the marriage would not be recognised in the UK.
My boyfriend works in a tourisum company in Sharm el Sheikh and wants to run his own company.

I own two villas in Sharm in joint names with my ex husband, one is sold and completing next sunday (this money is being used to pay off our mortgage in the UK). The other will either be sold soon or put into my ex husbands name as his percentage for our house in the uk.
I also own a small internet company that brings me in a modest income.
He will stay in Egypt and I will visit him regularly there, but he will come to visit me too.
1) Will he have any claim to anything I existingly own?
2) Are there any other implications for me?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  INC replied 8 years ago.
<p>Hi, </p><p> </p><p>Thanks for your question.</p><p> </p><p>In response to your questions:</p><p> </p><p>1. If you marry your egyptian partner, he will be entitled to make a claim on your assets in the UK. </p><p> </p><p>2. One married, he cannot insist you stay in Egypt and he will only be allowed to stay in the UK if he has been granted a Spouse Visa. If not, he will need to make an application for a Visitors Visa everuy time he wishes to travel to the UK.</p><p> </p><p>I hope this naswers your question. If so, kindly click accept.</p><p> </p><p>If you wish to disucss, please feel free to ask further questions.</p><p> </p><p>Kind regards,</p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If british law will not accept a marriage in egypt to an egyptian man as legal, how can he be entitled to to claim half of my house here - I can come back to the UK after getting married and marry an english man in the UK if I wanted to.
How would he go about getting half of my house here if we divorced and he wanted to make this claim?
Expert:  INC replied 8 years ago.

The Egyptian marriage would only be recognised in one of two ways, if the egyptian husban was to travel to the UK on a Spouse Visa, then the marriage would be recognised.

Alternatively, if the marriage is registered at the British Embassy in cairo, then it would also be registered in the UK.

If the Egyptian husband never travels to the UK, he would find it extremely difficult to make a claim over any of your assets.

I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much this, this is exactly the information I needed to know and I will now not get married via the embassy.

Can you tell me if we do it the other way (just get a paper from a local solicitor in Egypt without the embassy involved) will we be able to use this paper to stay in hotels together out there, we are travelling around Egypt seeing the sights and we keep having to book two rooms - they are really striked in the hotels and even put a guard or security on his floor.
Expert:  INC replied 8 years ago.

If you enter into a customary Egyptian Marriage, the marriage should be recognised locally but will not be recognised in the Uk unless you have registered it at the Embassy. This means that you should be able to stay in hotels without interference from the locals.

I hope this helps. If so, kindly click accept.

If you wish to discuss,please feel free to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just one more thing, when we went to the lawyer's office, he said that if Amr married a foriegn woman he would not have to finish his final year military service in Egypt which Amr was very please about as he was avoiding it anyway - will this still be the case with a cutomary egyptian marriage?

Also with the cusomary egyyptian marraige would he have claim to the villa me and my ex husband still own in Sharm el Sheikh because that is in egypt?
Expert:  INC replied 8 years ago.

I am afraid that I cannot answer these questions as they would fall under the jurisdiction of Egyptian Law and you would need to seek advice from an Egyptian lawyer.

I hope this helps.
INC and other UK Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's fine, thank you very much for your help in this matter, all of my family and friends was trying to stop me from doing this and I was adement that I was going to marry him - your answer is the only thing that has changed my mind.
I will press accept on this form now.