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I gave my childminder a termination letter for our contract.

Resolved Question:

I gave my childminder a termination letter for our contract. The contract said I must give 4 weeks notice, however I was unsure when I would need my childminder until as I was moving house. We agreed that I would give her notice as I was definately leaving. On the letter I put that my daughter's last day with her would be the last day of the summer term (9 weeks after I gave the termination letter) because I am a teacher and do not work in the summer holidays and I would have definately moved by then. It was meant that this was only possibly the last day and not an agreement that she would have her until then. It turned out that I did not need my childminder for the last two weeks and we both agreed the amount due and I paid. she had even found a replacement for my daughter and seemed happy with the arrangements. However, I have now received a solicitors letter saying i owe her money for the last two week. Can she claim for this money?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  TNV replied 8 years ago.
The letter is proof of an agreement to give 9 weeks notice and specified a last date. You would need to prove that this date was verbally changed. Are there any emails showing that she agreed to the date being changed. if you cant prove this, then the letter will stand as a binding agreement and she willbe due the money. That assumes she will take the stand in court and lie about what was verbally agreed.
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