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Is there any (legal) limit as to what other duties as assigned

Resolved Question:

Is there any (legal) limit as to what "other duties as assigned" can mean?
With a flexibility clause, an employer can alter or add duties, "within reason".
But what counts as unreasonable?
I had been employed as a Subject Librarian and in 2004 was appointed to be University Librarian (in charge of running the libraries). This was taken on in addition to my previous work, and I have two separate job descriptions to cover the two different roles. Now there is talk of making the University Librarian role redundant. I have argued that I still have a job as a subject librarian, but my employers are arguing that I do not, and that my work as a subject librarian while employed as University librarian, is covered by the "other duties as assigned" clause. Can they do this, even if (I would argue) the two roles are really two full-time jobs?
E.g. Can adding another full-time job be classed as reasonable other duties?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 8 years ago.

In my opinion no it cannot.

The other duties anticipates your being asked to do something outside the normal scope of your employment from time to time. An example would be if the library were moving and you were asked to come and help with the move. Since you have 2 different job descriptions your position cannot be covered by "other duties as assigned" you are clearly donig 2 jobs or have 2 main functions.

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