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Do you need a license and insurance to operate a chain saw

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Do you need a license and insurance to operate a chain saw commercially in the UK? I live in a quiet suburb. My next door but one neighbour had a fence of conifers cut down with the guy starting at 8 am with a massive chain saw that could be heard miles around and carrying on for four gruelling days (so far and I work from home) with him loudly chucking the bits into the back of his lorry with contact details. No notice had been given and no care was taken to keep the noise down - far from it. Should the council have been informed and permission given? He also took a quick commission from my next door neighbour to take down a tree that overhung my garden. It fell onto a Venetian pot in my garden and damaged a camellia. I asked him to remove the bough and asked him how long he was going to continue and could he not start a bit later in the a.m? I asked for his details and he refused, saying he had every right to make a living and my neighbour to have his trees cut. What's the position?

Sorry to hear this.

No insurance or license is required by this person by law. The only issue is noise nuisance, which you can complain to the local authority about.

Hope this helps
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