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I have recieved at letter from the Benefits Agency for Benefit

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I have recieved at letter from the Benefits Agency for Benefit Fraud. Summoning me at attend an investigation under caution.I know that ALL my claims are legitimate, I have recently been awared compensation for a personal injury at work. The whole amount of compensation recieved was immediately transfered to a Personal Injury Trust Fund, to protect the capital. I have declared the award to the Benefits Agency and they have adjusted benefits recieved during an intrim payment... I have the CRU documents to prove this.
As well as having a Spinal Injury and Servere Arthrtis, I am also diagnosed with Chronic Depression.
Please can you tell me how I stand on this.... I'm concerned I will loose Benefits. I cannot work but I am sometimes able to venture out pain management permitting.
Many Thanks E J




They could stop your benefits while they investigate this. They probably will do that. If your claims are found to be legitimate then you will get the funds back paid.


If your claims are all legitimate though then its probably a false report and it may be as simple as explaining your position to them. If they are legitimate there shouldn't be long term stoppage.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for you information.

My claims for benefits are ALL legitimate, so I guess I just attend the interview as requested. I know I have nothing to hide but these allegations are very distressing for me.


Thanks again


I know. False allegations are hideous.