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what is the punishment for leaving car at accident

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what is the punishment for leaving car at accident other cars involved just your own that hit the barrier
Have you been charged with an offence of 'failing to stop ... ' or 'failing to report......'?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
with not reporting accident to police and leaving car in dangerous place on slip road leading to motorway
Do you have any previous couvictions? Or have you been convicted of similar offences in the past? Which exact offence have been charged with for leaving you car in a dangerous place?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no previous convictions nor offences in the past.Havent been charged with anything yet,but maybe will.need to wait and see
Ok. Lets hope that the police decide not to charge you. In the event that they do, the more serious offence will be the failing to report, which carry up to 6 months custodial sentence. However, in you case, it is, highly unlikely, that you receive a custodial sentence. This is due to the fact the you are a person of good character and that there was no victim involved. You will most probably received a fine and, of course receive some penalty points on your licence ( between 5 and 10 points) - likely to be in the low end. In relation to the other offence (leaving a vehicle in a dangerous place), you will receive a fine and your licence will be endorsed with 3 penalty points. Please not that if you are charged with these offence, an early guilty plea will attract maximum credit available for a guilty plea, thus reducing the fine and possibly the points.
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