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Is a husband who walks out on his wife and kids and lives with

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Is a husband who walks out on his wife and kids and lives with another women guilty of adultery. Does he have a responcibility to pay for the kids education until they are 18yrs old and is he responsible for keeping a roof over their heads until they are 18


If he is having sex with the other woman then it is adultery.

he has to pay maintenance for his children until they cease full time secondary (and sometimes tertiary) education. he has a duty to help house the children until they are 18.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thankyou how does his wife claim maintenance for each of 3 kids and could she get a legal seperation as he has comitted adultery


She needs to contact the CSA for maintenance - and she is already separated - she can apply for divorce if she wishes,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Can you please explain CSA is that Citizens advice?


How long must she be seperated before applying for a divorce and will the fact he has comitted adultery go in her favour. Can she get help to finance Solicitors cost for this proceeding


At present she is working all hours to keep a roof over her head is he responcible for all of the mortgage


The Child Support Agency can be contacted on

She can apply for a divorce immediately either on the basis of adultery or unreasonable behaviour and she may be eligible for legal funding you can check on

She should also check that she is receiving all th benefits she is entitled to


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