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Can you overturn a decree absolute. We have been divorced 7

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Can you overturn a decree absolute. We have been divorced 7 months and I received a text this morning saying he was making plans to overturn the decree absolute and that the maintenance now falls in line with the cs guidelines, not sure what this means. He also says its about time he woke up and he needs to deal with this divorce thing once and for all.



In short, you cannot overturn a decree absolute. A decree Absolute is the final stage of the divorce and once granted finalises your divorce from your ex-partner.


What is he trying to reverse? He cannot overturn a previous decision of a court.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He says his mind was not thinking straight at the time. He said recently he wants more control of the money I put into into an insurance policy if I die. This is only payable on my death and I pay to ensure the children do not have to worry about finances. He says my 21 would be too young and he should be in control of the money so he can do what's best for him. However he is in debt and does not have an insurance policy!



I am a little confused as to your situation. I understand that your partner wishes to overturn a divorce granted by the court, which he cannot do.


What appears to be the issue regarding the Insurance Policy?


many thanks,

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

When we divorced, I took out insurance policies that in the event that I die, the boys would have a sum of money and would not need to worry. It's strange to me too but he says that he should have more control IF I do die on the money or should have control of the money.



I do not agree with him.


If you have an Insurance Policy and you are divorced from your husband, if you were to die, the insurance policy would fall into the rest of your estate and be administered in accordance with your Will, if you have made one. In the WIll, you can direct your Executors to use the money from the Insurance policy for the maintenance and education of your sons. Your ex-husband should have no control over it and would not be entitled to it as you are no longer married to him.


Have you mad a Will?


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,