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Do I have to pay maintenance for my 17 year old daughter who

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Do I have to pay maintenance for my 17 year old daughter who attends college for approximately 14 hours per week studying a "Public Services" BTEC National Diploma course? I am currently paying £200/month and she receives EMA and she also has a part time job. I have found the following information which I do not feel is very clear:- However, 16 is the minimum age where child maintenance can stop. Between the ages of 16 and 19, if the child is enrolled full-time in school (more than 12 hours per week and the course is up to and including A level), child maintenance for the child must be paid. This does not apply to advanced study, like study at a college or university, this only includes non-advanced study. Although a child may have several long breaks, the non-custodial parent still owes child maintenance during school breaks. If the child leaves full-time schooling in the summer, the non-custodial parent generally owes child support until the first week of September, of that year.



Yes, you are liable to pay child maintenance as the child is under 19 and in full time non- advanced education. BTEC National Diploma falls under non-advanced education.


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