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Can I cancel gym membership early have signed for 12 months

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Have joined Esporta gym about 3 months ago, got guest pass with pack & gave to my dad & we went up he liked it. I introduced my sister & friend & phoned to say I would be up with them on certain days, sister said she wouldn''t join,my friend did,as he told representative but calls were not followed up. I phoned the following week to go with my friend again, gave my name & friends name & told to go to reception & ask for a certain person as previous time. Went up that evening,girl from membership came out & said can''t have any Tom, Dick or Harry coming in looking a freebie, I explained that my friend wanted to join but to no avail, left embarressed. Went back a week later to speak to girl, she said she didnt know that we were coming up & I had had a lot of free passes, I said I was introducing family & friends to it.   If we were not welcome she should have phoned before we went up.
She since conatcted my friend to join, he said definately not because of above, he was embarressed, she said ''sorry I wasn''t getting at you I was getting at your friend she''s had about 8 or 9 free passes, saying she''s lost passes to get people in & I just had to put a stop to it that night''. I don''t pay £60 per month for a gym to be treeted like this. I work for HMRC my job involves facts & figures and not lying, I feel that this is unfair treatment & a slight on my character, I have signed for 12 months, but can I terminate this deal without being taken to court as I have signed a credit agreement?
Thanks S Hyndman


I am sorry to hear of the problems you experienced.

Firstly, on a strictly legal 'black and white' basis you may not have grounds to terminate your contract with the gym unless they have breached a contact term relating to standards of service.

That does not mean to say that there may not be other ways to deal with your concerns and possibly cancel your membership. I would advise that you speak with management at the gym or possibly at the head office explaining how wronged you feel by way of this member of staff's attitude and behavior, making a lot of the expectations that you had of their organization.

It is often the case in a company such as this that whilst they have the terms and conditions and contract terms, they are also able to display a great deal of discretion themselves and they will value their reputation highly and want to avoid poor word of mouth.

I hope you are able to find resolution shortly, all the best



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