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Irfan, Immigration Consultant
Category: UK Immigration Law
Satisfied Customers: 29
Experience:  Registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
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I'm from UK and my fiance is from kurdistan we want to marry

Customer Question

Hi I'm from UK and my fiance is from kurdistan we want to marry here in uk and him too live here with me . We are unsure what visa he will need and what documents he needs . I live in a private rented house . I'm unemployed as I care for my son as he's disabled.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 1 year ago.

1. Here is a link to the form yourself & your fiance need to fill in and send to the UK Border Agency. It is for a visa based on you being a partner and fiance with your Kurdistan partner. There is attached guidance which you should read and which will help you fill out the form.

Expert:  Buachaill replied 1 year ago.

2. Be aware that there is an income limit of £18,600 for you if you want your partner to get this visa. However, there is an exemption for anyone getting a carer's allowance, or disability benefit. So if you get Carers allowance for minding your son, you will not be impacted by the fact you are unemployed. If you are not currently getting Carer's allowance, you should seek to get it as it will allow you and your partner to get this visa for him.

Expert:  Buachaill replied 1 year ago.

3. Be aware that the UK does not hand out visas to allow people to come to the UK to get married. So your partner must come under this visa or some other visa.

Expert:  Buachaill replied 1 year ago.

4. Please RATE the Answer as this is how your Expert gets a share of the monies you have deposited with the website. Be aware that I will answer any follow on questions you might have.

Expert:  Irfan replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for your recent question regarding UK immigration.

To enable me to provide you with a comprehensive UK immigration assessment I require some additional information about your circumstances i.e. your total income from all sources per month.

If you wish to discuss your enquiry in further detail please feel welcome to contact me.

Kind regards,


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