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I am an australian with a criminal conviction for drug possession

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I am an australian with a criminal conviction for drug possession in 2010. A small fine was paid, and no jail time..
I am planning a trip to the UK to bring my recently deceased brothers ashes back to Edinburgh, where he died in September.. The trip we are planning will take us to:
Scotland , England, Spain, France, Italy, Montenegro, & Croatia..
I am aware of the Schengen Agreement, which I believe works in my favour, but I am looking for clarification also on Montenegro & Croatia..
I will be travelling with my parents who have just lost their other son, and I am very much hoping my stupid incident in 2010 will not pop up..
Do you foresee it will arise ?
As an australian who is planing to stay in the UK for only a very short period, I don't require a visa, but could this issue still arise?
You can enter Montenegro and Croatia for up to 90 days without a visa.

You would usually be asked if you have any criminal convictions and it would then be up to the discretion of border control whether or not you were allowed to enter. Given the circumstances, that you are travelling with family and that the offence was 3 years ago there is a reasonable chance of entry being allowed but of course this leaves some uncertainty.

Official advice is therefore to get a visit visa before you travel, supported by evidence of the purpose of travel and that your family will be with you (sworn statement). The only issue with this option is that if your application is refused then you cannot enter the UK.

So either option carries risk and you need to decide which one you feel most comfortable with.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As there is no VISAs required at all for this trip, am I likely to be asked by border control?


I travelled through europe in 04,05 and dont remember being asked once..


I believe I need to fill in a UK landing card, but from what I can see there is no query of criminal convictions on the UK landing card.. Does this meen that it is likely that I might not even get asked s no Visas required?

Correct, there is a chance you might not get asked. You will probably be fine but of course I am duty bound to provide you with all options and to promote the correct option according to rules and guidance.
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