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Category: UK Immigration Law
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My son is out prison from July and has been signing in every

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My son is out prison from July and has been signing in every wednesday with uk border agency because he does have his status and court case in february for removal .he has been very good signing in every wednesday except for today wher he was sturdying all day he forget to go in and its part of his bail restriction .

Can you please advise of what can happen or what can he do quickly to correct today incident
He needs to go in tomorrow first thing in the morning and make clear what happened and hope for a sympathetic ear. If it was a condition of his bail then he could be considered to have broken that condition and there is a chance that he might be arrested and taken into custody. Forgetting to do it is not usually an acceptable excuse.

Sorry I cannot provide better news for you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you give me advise of what is the best way to speak to immigration officer in the morning.because for the last four months i have always been on time signing in every wednesday and also on an electronic tag which he is always on time has been taking on sturdying and that was the reason that he totally forgot to sign in today

Please advise further
You mean he has always been on time? You said 'I have always been on time'.

I understand the reason but it is not really an acceptable excuse. He will simply have to explain the situation politely to the immigration officer and hope for a sympathetic ear. The best approach is to be calm and honest. There is a chance they will be understanding.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Not very happy with responses at the moment .is there any process in place for adverse decision ..really want to know what are the acceptable reason
Acceptable reasons would be that he was too ill to attend (in hospital or a doctor's note should be provided).

I am not sure why you would not find the responses acceptable - the responses I have provided are the facts. I cannot say exactly what will happen because it is up to the immigration officer.

I appreciate that they might not be what you would like to hear but it really was his responsibility to sign in once per week and simply forgetting to do so is not really going to be considered acceptable. That does not mean he will not get a sympathetic ear though and there is a reasonable chance he will be ok if he gets straight in tomorrow and honestly explains what happened. You should not be surprised if it does not go quite that well though.

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