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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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what can be done if my UK visa issued in Nigeria as a first

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what can be done if my UK visa issued in Nigeria as a first timer was revoked at the Nigeria airport
What was the reason given for cancelling your visa?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was granted a Uk visa as a first timer to the United Kingdom for a conference that was supposed to be hold on the 17th of oct 2013, But i was suppose to depart Nigeria 16th oct 2013 to arrived same day and get ready for the conference the next day, However, I missed my flight and had to pay a no show fee to arik airline for 17th departure when the conference started. Getting to the airport, i submitted my passport, conference letter and my hotel reservation to them at the counter.

So they questioned the genuine nature of travel on the basis that you were travelling on the day of the conference. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this as the conference has now been missed.

When you apply for a visa in future you must disclose this situation and explain exactly what happened.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



why the nigerian staff for the arik airline were checking my document and passing to a white woman with them at the counter, the woman called me and asked the reason why is it that the conference was from 17th to 20th and my flight ticket shows 2weeks of stay. That i should go and change either of the 2 to tally, which i proceed to amend the hotel reservation to 2weeks so it can tally with my ticket. I came back to give her the amendment hotel reservation, when she now ask why am i staying for 2weeks when the conference am coming for is 4days, and i told her i would like to chill around and do some shopping for my son and my unborn baby, cos my wife is pregnant.


After wish she asked how much am holding and i told her i have over 2000 pounds on my atm. and the next thing she ask me to step aside and called another white man, which that one introduced himself to me as one of the British staff i guess..and he asked me to come along with him after wish i did. and he after asking some few question he asked me to step aside that he will need to make some few calls. after he did that he called me back and said " i am fitting in'' but will still need to make some few calls and me back later, which he did and after asking the few question, he ask to step aside again for decision making...and after the calls he now called me to say " I AM SORRY YOUR VISA HAS BEEN CANCELED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO REAPPLY IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER CONFERENCE IN THE FUTURE" and i told me the conference just stated today and even if i missed the 17th because i was just departing, then i can meet up with the 18th and 19th. but he has already canceled the i am confused. We can start the answer to my question from where i stopped. Thanks

If your ticket was for 2 weeks then they might have had a legitimate expectation that you would also have somewhere to stay for that period. Even though you addressed this it had already raised a further question against you where there was already the issue of he conference starting on your day of travel.

Unfortunately you will not be able to do anything to correct the situation or attend this conference. As I said earlier, when you apply for a visa in future it will be vital that you disclose this refusal and that you explain the situation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can i reapply with my visa been revoked? and how would they send me notice about why and reasons why i my visa was been revoked? and am afraid if there won't be any problem or been refused if i take my passport to apply for another visa at another country embassy for that that UK put revoke on my visa? Because the only respond he gave me after my visa was revoked by him is that i should reapply again when i have another conference am going for. Right now i do not know what step to take

You can apply for another visa and it does not sound as if you have been banned. A visa can be cancelled without a ban being given and this will not prevent you from applying for another UK visa or a visa for another country. They will not usually send you any notice about the reasons for the visa being revoked unfortunately - as far as they are concerned they have already told you the reasons.

Unfortunately you simply need to put it down to experience and realise when applying in the future that you should ideally have accommodation arranged for the duration of the trip.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks a lot sir, And i really appreciate your advice over this issue. I will be going to bed soon cause have really been down with that since it happens yesterday and keep wondering what the reason could be for my visa to be revoked. Aside what the officer that revoke my visa told me after he said i should step aside for him to call to make his decision. before he now called me back and told me to reapply in future if i have any conference to attend....that my visa has been canceled. so i was just worried on what to do next. Or if that is going to affect my getting visa from another country cause my passport has been tampered with. I will still need you to advice me more maybe 2moro....I need to take a rest,, is that right

That is perfectly ok. Please remember to rate the service that I have provided - you will still be able to ask further questions after doing this and I will be happy to assist.

It is very frustrating and upsetting when these things happen but usually it is best to simply put it down to experience. The only visa revocations that have a significant impact upon future applications are those where refusal is due to false documents or false statements. This could no doubt be explained as a simple misunderstanding and they should not hold it against you for future applications.
Howard and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This last question before i leave for bed. Is it right to revoke ones visa from Nigerian airport at the counter of arik airline flight attendant or at UK border port of entry that has the right to make that decision? Also could it be the white people staying with the arik airlines staffs at our airport in Nigeria working for the airline or the British embassy in nigeria assign them there... we can contn 2moro after this ...thanks

This decision can be made at the airport but it would not have been made by the airline staff. They might have brought it to the relevant person's attention but a visa is not cancelled by airline staff.

I will be happy to assist further but I will require your rating before we continue.

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