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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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hello, dear XXXXX. i had 4 times working visa to UK for model

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hello, dear XXXXX.
i had 4 times working visa to UK for model agency, and the last visa been expired in jan 2013.
my contract with Fashion agency in UK is finished and i decided to make tourist visiter visa for 6month (in application i wrote 3 days of stay) to come to London, as i miss such a beautiful place.
and i got refused under Paragreph 46(iii), 41(i),(ii),(iii)as the answer of my purpose visiting wasn't clear for them: "friends/find new agency"and they not sure if i'll leave country in a right time and et.
what i mean by this is i wanted to visit as a tourist and visit model agency to sign new contract so i could apply working visa and come back to UK with long term working visa.
i applied second time for tourist visa end of september (for 10 days stay in London) with clear answer of my visiting purpose: "tourism" but didnt take attention for answer: "have i ever been refused in visa?" - "no".
when they called me to check if i have been ever refused in any visa before, i said "i had 4 visas to UK and others to USA, i applied last time for tourist visa to UK and didnt get it". i totally lost when they called me and to honest i didnt really knew its was a real REFUSED for UK visa last time. as i always did a working visa and never had any problem with it. so i dint give them clear answer "yes, i have been refused in visa to UK"
and i got again refused under Paragraph 320(7A) and any future application may also be refused under PARAGRAPH 320(7B) and if i get this refuse i get automatically refusal for 10 years.
i'm Russian passport holder but all application i did in Paris, as i live here from 2006 (with working permission) and i got this year 10 years residency.

would you please help me what should i do?
should i do Appeal? if yes, how and what should i provide them?

and if i have a chance to sign new contract with model agency without coming to UK, would i be able apply directly for working visa with invitation of one of the model agency from London?

thank you


PS. this 2 time i had made priority payment for visa application, first time i had answer in 3 days, the second time after 10 days.
At this stage you probably have a better chance of coming to the UK for a work-related visa than you do for a visitor visa. You can still apply for a visitor visa but would need to make clear the reasons for the caseworker to believe that you intend to leave the UK after your visit. The usual reasons would be financial commitments outside the UK - a job to return to or some other commitment.

When making your next application you need to make clear that you misunderstood the question - perhaps you mistakenly thought it was asking if you had been made to leave the UK, or perhaps you thought it was asking if you had been refused entry at the border, rather than whether or not you had been refused a visa.

As you have lived in Paris for some years you might like to investigate if you can obtain Citizenship at some point as any EEA Citizenship you can obtain will of course open up the EEA countries to you.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear, Howard


You wouldn't recommend to do appeal?


Thank you for answer.

It can take a long time and it is very often a better idea (and more practical) to simply apply again. If you can address the cause for concern in the new application then you have a good chance of being ok.