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hi, i am about to apply fpr my residence card eea2, my husband

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hi, i am about to apply fpr my residence card eea2, my husband is seld employed and we i have these documents( NIC, tax return 11/12/ 12/13, accountant letter, and bank statments) i just don't have invoices, do you think the lack of invoices would cause my visa to be refused? my family permit is about to expire soon, and i don't know what to do because other imigration adivisers have told me without invoices i would not get my visa... what should i do?

Thanks for your patience.

The requirement on the actual form is that you should provide at least one of “invoices/receipts, accountant’s letter, business bank statements”, so it does not appear to be crucial that you supply the invoices/receipts since you are able to provide the others.

If you are not going to be able to provide invoices or receipts then you need to explain (with your spouse) why you are not able to provide them. Most self-employed people would probably use invoices so you should say why he does not. That being said, some self-employed people do not use invoices, like taxi drivers so the UKBA would accept that not every self-employed person provides invoices.

If you spouse’s profession is one that would normally expect to invoice clients/customers for work then it could potentially be a problem.

That problem would simply take some time to sort out, provided you are married to an EEA national and the UKBA does not dispute that the marriage is credible and genuine there is no chance that you are at risk of actually being removed from the UK

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Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

he works on building as carpenter etc.. but on his bank statments have the references from the company which he works, we also have a letter from the company saying that my husband is providing good service to them... wouldn't that be enough? if i send only one invoice would be also enough? an imigration adviser told me to make invoices from 6 months ago looking at his money coming into the account, is it right? or is wrong?


The invoices must be real. An invoice is a bill. You send the bill to the person that you have done the work for. They then pay the invoice, you then provide them with a receipt.

If you have real invoices then use them. You cannot "fake" invoices, if you do this then it would be a form of deception.

He really needs to speak to the company that he does work for an agree to post-date invoices and for each of them to sign them. He cannot just produce invoices now from ages ago without the company knowing about it.

You might be okay without them but there should really be some more detailed input or acknowledgement from the company itself.

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Kind regards,

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

can he produces the invoices now and tell for the company sign them?

On reflection, I would be uncomfortbale with any invoices being created now. I think that your probably better off asking for the company to execute a statutory declaration which refers to the payments that they have made in to his account and stating that these payments were for work that was carried out at the time

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What are the receipts they ask for instead of invoices?


Once the company has paid the invoice, your spouse woudl provide a receipt to them stating that they have paid the invoice.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if i would send only one invoice, the latest one, even without being yet paid, would that be valid?


If he has not been paid for work that he has carried out then he can invoice it not, yes, and I would expect it to be valid.
Thomas and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you

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