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Greetings, you answered my question on this before and I had

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Greetings, you answered my question on this before and I had a quick follow up. Is this a tricky deal where it is worth me paying 350 quid for a service, (who still expect me to obtain the documents myself), or is it something pretty straight forward I can do myself? Thanks again.
What type of application are you submitting, who are offering the service and what service is being offered for the money? Obviously you are the only person who can obtain documents to support your application - you would generally be paying for advice, checking format and content of documents, form completion, etc.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


is the outfit. I paid 35 pounds to see if they thought i had a reasonable chance, and they said I had a likely chance, same as you. They are 350 quid to handle the application process and it takes 4 months, unless you pay roughly double for expedited service.


Since, as you mentioned, I have have to do the research and provide all the certificates and such, I'm unsure exactly what they are doing for the money other than filling out the forms,,,,,,,,but i have no idea how complex they are.

They do not appear to actually provide a service - they appear to simply introduce.


Find someone here:


You will be dealing directly with a regulated immigration advisor. Make sure you talk to a few and that you ensure that whoever you choose has sufficient experience. Search for the Company name and see what comes up.


An experienced advisor does more than fill in the form and send the application off. You should get an assessment to ensure that you qualify, sufficient advice with regard to the documents that are required to support your application and representation to the Home Office on your behalf. The idea is to ensure that the application submitted is approved and a good consultant can make a significant difference. Obviously the greatest impact can be made on the more complex applications. You should not have to do any research but of course you do need to supply the documents to support your application.


Whether or not you need someone to assist you could be as simple as whether or not you want to spend the time researching how to do it yourself if your application is potentially straightforward.


What is the basis upon which you qualify for British Citizenship?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow, thanks for the thorough advice.


I'm applying based on the fact that my mother is a citizen, and basically she's at least 4th generation. Her mother visited her here a few times, her father visited France and Germany, (as soldier then POW in WW1), but other than that I don't think they, her grand parents, and probably great grandparents ever left the island.

I have checked our previous discussion and now am up to speed!

This should be quite a straightforward application and I would not expect you to need assistance.

The page that I linked to previously should provide you with the information that you require to make the application:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Terrific, thank you very much.