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If I overstayed due to some personal reasons in Singapore 7

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If I overstayed due to some personal reasons in Singapore 7 years ago. I've been living in Singapore for more than 8 years and still living till date. Now I'm applying for UK visa via Priority Visa, will that be affected? I never visited UK. Please kindly advise, thank you.
If the question is asked in your application then you must answer honestly as non-disclosure can be a reason for refusal of visas.

Whilst this might be considered to demonstrate a chance of overstaying a UK Visa it is highly unlikely to result on refusal of your visa application.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer.


The UK Borders Agency advises:


"We strongly recommend that you do not use this service if you have any form of adverse immigration history."


Normal visa process takes 10-15 working days, while Priority Visa takes 3-4 days.


The past overstay in Singapore was settled via small fine only. Will it delay my Priority Visa application?


Also does UK visa online application form ask for overstay in Singapore?


Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
There is never a guarantee that the priority service will provide a decision within the stated time, even for straightforward applications. If further investigation is required then it could delay matters.

The application process asks if you have ever been deported‚ removed or otherwise required to leave a country other than the UK. You should answer honestly and explain the situation.

There is no way to tell if this will delay matters but if it happened a long time ago and you have visited other countries since without visa issues then you should be ok. It is of course worth remembering that a primary reason for refusal of visas is the caseworker not being convinced that the applicant intends to leave the UK in accordance with the terms of the visa, so where there is a history of this happening it is not particularly helpful to the application and you should therefore ensure that your reasons for leaving the UK are fully documented. If you are not applying for a visit visa but instead applying for work or family visa then this is of course not relevant.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your detailed reply. I'm applying for work visa.


I have never visited UK and have clean profile, that small incident is quickly settled with Singapore ICA and the fact that my visa in Singapore has been good and have been living for more than 8 years in Singapore under long term work visas.


So in short, could you please kindly confirm that the issue is irrelevant and I can happily go ahead with Priority Visa to UK? Thanks.

I would not say it is irrelevant but it is likely to be inconsequential. As it was also quite some time ago I would be happy for a Client to use the priority service - the cost of doing so is not particularly significant.

There will be a chance of the application not being processed within the time you hope for by using the priority service but I consider it to be a slim possibility.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. Last question:


You said: "The application process asks if you have ever been deported‚ removed or otherwise required to leave a country other than the UK. You should answer honestly and explain the situation."


I just overstayed during as my 1 year visa was expired while 4 year visa yet to be applied & granted and never had been asked to leave. Do I still have to raise this and explain the situation?

You must answer honestly and accurately. If the facts are that you were not deported, removed or required (asked or told) to leave then you can honestly answer no to those questions.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes Howard, I have rated and paid. Thank you for prompt help :)

My pleasure and good luck with the application!