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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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dear sir i asked u question regarding yesterday i need more

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dear sir i asked u question regarding yesterday i need more help in which catogaroy i have to tick when i fill form for brp card replacement .or what is the best way to apply coz my brp card mistankly cancelled when i email for my husband brp lost
Hello and thanks for requesting me again.

Which section of the form do you require help with. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the form in this thread.

If you are asking about the first question then if you previously had ILR you select that option and if you had not yet got to that stage (perhaps a Tier 2 visa, etc) then you select the temporary leave to remain option.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i need help first of all section 3 and my visa is tier2 general this time i hv got 3 years visa which is going to expire may 2015

The first page you select 'temporary migration' and complete your details and your payment details.

Section 2 should be self-explanatory - you are simply entering your personal details and these would be the same as you indicated on your previous application (unless you have moved).

For section 3 this is obviously tricky as none of the options are suitable given your rather unusual situation and for some reason they have not thought to give you the option to say that there is a reason they did not think of!

Have you checked with the Home Office to find out for certain whether or not your BRP has definitely been cancelled? It might be worth checking first - the email address we discussed previously would be able to let you know. If it has been cancelled then they might simply be able to issue another or they may have a different form that would cover the situation.

Again, it is rather unusual and I actually find it rather surprising that they would cancel your BRP as the number given to them by your husband would not have matched the personal details that he would have provided so I do wonder if they have actually cancelled your BRP.

Let me know with regard to this before we look into the form in greater detail.
Howard and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ys they cancel my BRP card as given them i email Ukba to report lost coz they send application form fr my husband to process his application for his BRP card replacement.
The process is simple for your husband as losing a BRP is a scenario covered by the form.

As I mentioned in another question, the guide states that the form can be used for a cancelled BRP where you have outstanding leave to remain but the form itself does not have this option except for ILR.

I suggest that you leave this question open and I will check with the Home Office tomorrow and establish the best process to follow. This form is the one that should be used but your situation is unusual - they should not have cancelled a BRP where the personal details did not match those registered against the BRP number so this is their error. It might be that we can simply get them to issue a new one without a cost but I need to check for you.

Let me know if that is ok and I will then get back to you tomorrow with an answer.