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entry in the uk with a refusal

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Hello, I have been refused for a student visa, for not showing enough funds. I am from Brazil and currently living in Canada in a work permit. Have been to US many times. Never got a visa denied except for this time. Am I still allowed to go without a visa as visitor? Just as a 2 week holiday? I have fund to maintain myself for these 2 weeks. 



Are you are talking about a visit to the united kingdom or to the united states? Which is it?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
To the uk.

Although as a brazillian citizen you doing generally not have to apply for a visitors visa before you travel to the united kingdom, I think it would be advisable for you to reply in this case.

This is because you have just recently been refused an application for student visa. Technically, the rights of brazilian citizens to enter the united kingdom is discretionary. This means that the united kingdom order officials can refuse entry to brazilian visitors if they consider that there will be a breach of the immigration rules.

The chances that the united kingdom border officials will reject your attempted entry into the united kingdom is increased because you have recently been refused for a visa. This is because statistics show that people who have most recently been refused visas are more likely to overstay on visits some people that have.

In the circumstances, I would apply for a visitors visa before you travel and explain to them that you have recently been refused a student visa. You have to explain that you are aware you're not allowed to stay for longer than the visit and substantiate the fact that you will return to your home country by showing that you have a continuing life in brazil. This means but you must show your obligations in brazil, this might be in the form of evidence of your appointment or perhaps your family life in the cell and even your accommodation.

If you do this then you still should have a good chance of obtaining a visitors visa

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
But in which ground would they refuse me? Because i have funds to stay for that time, and also my flight ticket to go home. Also, i have an invitational letter a supporting letter. is that looking good?

If you came to the united kingdom without applying for a visitors visa before you travel then it is likely that they would refuse you on the basis that they suspected a breach of the immigration rules with occur if they let you in the country.

If you apply for a visitors visa before you travel when it is likely that you will get an approval, provided that you explain about your previous student visa application.

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