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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hi, ok so this is a little different of a question..I am not

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Hi, ok so this is a little different of a question..I am not sure if you know my background so I will be quick. I am now engaged to a chinese national who lives in England and has a green card. she had married an english man who 4 months later died from legionears desease which I confirmed on google. This was a little over 4 years ago and she has had her green card for almost 4 years now. Many of my friends of course question her actual motives. Though we have talked aften about this and I am convinced her feelings and story are real, someone asked me a question tonight which I do not have an answer to. As a green card holder in England, what could happen if she did not remarry? Could she be sent back to China after a period of time? I know she had been looking for someone to marry in England and not America, but I now wonder if this could be a motive; that she needed to find someone or risk the chance of deportation? I hope my question makes sense as everything I have uncovered proves true.
There is no green card status in the UK. Perhaps you could clarify the actual visa status of the Chinese national? Did you confirm the marriage on Google or simply that a named person had died?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She has a permanent residence card to live in the UK and yes, since I sent the fiancee visa application I had copies of everything including the death certificate. So my quesion really is if there is a time limit in the UK or if a permanent residence card means exactly that, that ii is life long or if there is a time limit since she is no longer married.

Does she have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) stamped in her passport or a different visa status?
I need you to answer my questions or I cannot assist.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, sorry. I did not answer because with your question I realized there are two types of permanent residence cards in the UK. So I googled to understand the differences and then asked her what she has. She does have the ILR stamped on her passport. So I assumed my own answer, but since you wrote again I will wait for your response.


Thank you

There are not two types of permanent residence. I asked if she had ILR to establish whether or not there was a time limit so that your question could be answered. Clearly my response has guided you to the answer you were seeking so I would appreciate you providing a positive rating of the service provided.
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