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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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hi i got ilr on last october at that time my wife was still

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hi i got ilr on last october at that time my wife was still in tier 2 dependant but as she couldnt complete 2 years at that time they asked to appply once her teir 2 gets expired now she is eligible in sep , but which form should i use for this now
If you are saying that she still has not completed the required 2-year period but her visa is about to expire then she should extend as a PBS Dependant.

If you are saying that she is about to complete her 2-year period and wants to apply for ILR then this can be done using form SET(O).
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi thanks she will complete two years in sep so as i am on ilr can we use setm form

You should use SET(O) as she will not be applying for ILR on the basis of marriage - she will be applying on the basis of dependancy. It would probably also be accepted if you used SET(M) but I successfully submit applications on this basis using form SET(O) - again, the application type chosen should be based on the qualification and qualification was not on the basis of a marriage visa but was instead on the basis of dependancy, hence further leave to remain being as a PBS Dependant and not as a Spouse.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks now i was on tier 2 ict earlier before converting to ilr now when i apply using set o form which category should i select is it others?

The form has an option for PBS Dependants.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi actualy my question was which category should my wife select as one of the post said to select as others when applying for a spouse to ilr on set o form is that corrrect, i will tell my situation as of now


i was on tier 2 ict last year got a ILR on oct 2012. my wife came to uk on tier 2 ict dependant on oct 2011, so now on oct 2013 she is eligible for pr. now we are using set o form, but when selecting the cateogy which one should i take

The answer is still PBS Dependant.

Her status is PBS Dependant and her application is based on being a PBS Dependant for the required period. She should therefore select PBS Dependant as that is the basis on which she qualifies and it is her current status.
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