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Hi. I am on a post study work visa in UK. I am an Indian and

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Hi. I am on a post study work visa in UK. I am an Indian and got married in India to an Indian national. My wife stays in India and has no other connection to UK. Was this ok or should I have got some permission/NOC before getting married?

Now I want to update my passport to change my marital status. And the Indian consulate will issue a new passport for this. The reason I want to do this so that I have an updated passport before I switch to Tier 2 and then I can bring my wife to UK as Tier 2 dependant.
Does this effect my existing PSW visa which is linked to the current passport. Or will if have any effect on the application for the Tire 2 visa after my PSW expires?

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1. No , there is no requirement for you to get permission before you marry from the home office, you are free to marry when you desire.

2. Regarding updating your passport no this will not effect your current permission to remain in the uk or your intention to sponsor your dependent to the uk. If anything it helps your partner's application if you have updated your passport reflecting your current marital status.

You should not have any issues when applying for your partner.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Just a follow up on the point two that you mentioned.

So after getting my reissued passport with my spouse/marital status details the passport number on the biometric card/residence permit will not match.

So will that be a concern. Will I have to get my PSW updated to reflect the change in passport number?


And similarly when I apply to switch to Tier 2, will I be submitting two passports and the existing residence permit(which will then have the old passport number)?



Thank you for your reply.

1. You will not need to update your current visa to reflect your marital status. As long as you keep your passport with your leave to remain this is enough proof that the visa was issued to you.

2. Yes you would need to submit both passports when your wife submits her application and you should write a letter explaining why you obtained a new passport. This would be sufficient.

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Kind regards
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