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Tier1 Ent visa -Appeal

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Currently my Tier1 Entrepreneur visa application is awaiting appeal to be heard on Nov 2013 (where my tier1 PSW expired by Nov 2012). Few companies are willing to have me as a Director on their Board & Sponsor me for Tier2 visa. please explain if i withdraw my appeal application, do i still have the right to apply for tier2 by staying with in UK (in country application) or should i leave to my home country and apply there !!!!!!

Thanks for your question.

I am afraid that there is no automatic right for you to withdraw your application and apply again for a tier 2 visa. This means that if you withdraw the application then it would be entirely for the united kingdom border agency to decide whether to exercise their discretion and consider a new application.

This is because your leave to remain has expired while you are waiting for the application to be considered.

Ultimately, if you are not confident that your appeal will be accepted then it may potentially be a better option if you are certain that you will be eligible for a tier 2 visa under all the criteria except where you are supposed to have to leave to remain.

If there is a reasonable chance that your appeal will be accepted then I would certainly see this through to the end anyway.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Expert,
I am requesting you a relevant answer for my question,
If i withdraw my appeal, does the UK Immigration law provide me an opportunity to file an In-Country application or should go back to my home country to apply.

There is no automaticc right for you to make the applicaiton in country if you withdraw the appeal because your leave to remain has expired. However if you were able to make an application within 28 days from the date you withdrew the application then sometimes the UKBA exercise their disrection and consider the application.

However, if you were to withdraw your appeal (for your application which was submitted before your most recent leave expired) then return to your home country before 28 days have elapsed then they would certainly consider your application because you would not be regarded as on overstayer. Though you would still have to make them aware that you left as soon as practicably possible after withdrawing your appeal.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Many thanks for your detailed reply.

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