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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hi, I sent in the residence card application (EEA2) and

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I sent in the residence card application (EEA2) and the residence certificate application for me (EEA1) on January 30th. So it has been longer then 6 months. We did get the COA for my wife. (she is a US citizen, I am German!)

My question, is now, what is the best way to get them going!? Can I call (if yes, what number, I tried, but they navigated me into the answeringmashine oblivion!)? Does complaining help? Telling them, that we want to travel in Mid of August, so we neeeeed the residence card to get back into the country!? Or maybe try it in writing. Maybe have a lawyer write a letter.

Many thanks for your advice

Have you received an acknowledgement of receipt of the application from the ukba?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yep, we did get the certificate of application on beginning of March.


Thanks for you reply.

I am afraid that you are not the only applicant in this position. The united kingdom border agency is extremely over burdened with applications.

The fact that you have waited more than 6 months is tremendously frustrating of course, but I'm afraid it is not particularly unusual.

I would forget about chasing them on the telephone because in large part you will find that you cannot hold on to any answers that you give and when you ultimately complain it's not great from a record keeping perspective.

In the circumstances I would instruct and immigration solicitor to prepare a letter of complaint for you. This complaint would set out the chronology of the application and also ask that the application is expedited.

This is your only option. Needless to say the application would also state that you are likely to travel in the future and require your documentation to do this.

In my experience it's very much hit and miss whether this does actually prompt them into processing your application quicker. That said, your application is not one of the more complicated ones as it is based on e e a right and it may have an effect.

The situation generally is completely unsatisfactory but not easily rectifiable, it something that as a practitioner you constantly have to battle with.

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Kind regards

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, thanks for the advice. Is there any other way, I could get paperwork that allows my wife to travel? I suppose applying for a family permit at this point doesn't really make sense...


Not really, that is why so many people find it frustrating. The only option would be for you to write in stating that you withdraw your application and I will return your documentation to you which you can then travel with on the basis of your passports. This week present a problem when you re enter the country.

I would instruct a solicitor to write a letter and see a fat content into quicker action.

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Kind regards.

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