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We have just submitted her supporting documents today with

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We have just submitted her supporting documents today with her application now I am questioning if I should have included my bank statements;
I have given her a gift of £2100 to finance the trip of 3 weeks.
On the previous refusal it stated I could not sponsor her trip as I work outside of the UK.
I have included a covering letter stating this is a gift, for what purpose, where the money has come from.
I have included a letter from my employers stating that I will receive a 10,000 USD bonus paid at the end of April 13.
I have included my payslip showing this bonus.
I have included the remittance receipt showing the payment of £2100 from me to her.
As my bank statements in her previous application showed a negative balance I do not want the ECO to question this money or why I have not included my statements now.
I would not have been able to get original statements anyway due to my location but I am now concerned this may have a negative response from the ECO after all the hard work gathering every piece of supporting evidence we could. I have been supporting my fiance for the last 2 1/2 years.
I think as you could not have done this anyway then you should not worry about it too much. You have indicated quite a bit of evidence to demonstrate where the funds have come from and why they are being supplied so I would be surprised if a lack of bank statements was the sole reason for refusal. It sounds like you have provided a lot of evidence to support the application so all you can do is hope that the caseworker is decent about it. Unfortunately they often look at these applications in that location on the basis of finding any reason they can to refuse, as I think you have discovered already.
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