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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Can I gift my fiance money to finance her trip for a marriage

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Can I 'gift' my fiance money to finance her trip for a marriage visitor visa? We have been refused before on the grounds that I cannot sponsor her as I work overseas.
I presume that you both wish to come to the UK in order to marry here and then leave again after and that you are a British Citizen living and working outside the UK?

You can put money into her account so that she can support herself but you might then find that they refuse on the basis that you are not in the UK and thus question why she would need to come to the UK to marry. If you are seeking to be married then there is no logical reason why you cannot support the application with your accounts if you will be travelling at the same time.

If you have reasons for wanting to marry in the UK then you should support her application with a letter confirming the facts and the reasons for wanting to marry in the UK. Also support your reasons and her reasons for returning to the Philippines. If you live together in the Philippines and have financial commitments then this might also help matters.

The primary concerns will be why the applicant needs to come to the UK to marry someone who does not live in the UK and if the applicant is likely to return to the Philippines.

If my assumptions at the beginning of this answer were incorrect then please feel free to clarify further.

Does this answer your question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I work overseas in Afghanistan, my fiance lives in an apartment rented by me in the Philippines, I want to marry because I am a British citizen and my family are there. After we are married I will return to my work in Afghanistan and she will return to Manila. As I am not considered a UK resident I cannot support her whilst in the UK although I support her all year round in the Philippines.

You can and should still support the application by confirming the reasons for marrying in the UK and that you will be meeting her in the UK (or travelling with her if that is the case). The High Commission should clearly not expect her to apply for a visa to marry in the UK with nothing from her Fiance to confirm the details and plans.

If she applies showing sufficient funds for the trip and also shows reasons for returning home then there is a greater chance of approval.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have written a long letter authorising her to stay in my UK property, explaining our personal circumstances and the reasons for everything UKBA questioned on our previous application.

I have also written a separate letter explaining the large sum deposited into her account explaining that it is a gift from me, for these purposes but it belongs to her and she can do what she wishes with it.

It sounds like you will be doing as much as you can.

The application should not be refused if you give your fiance money to pay for the trip.

This might be useful to you if you have not already seen it:

Not a great deal of information but you should read the requirements stated and make sure all is suitably evidenced.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have another concern regarding the same application, although this was not given as a reason for refusal on our previous application we unknowingly registered to marry on her visit visa, the registrar said this was okay at the time and in the previous refusal it was stated that 'I acknowledge that you have visited the UK in the past and have plans in place for a marriage ceremony in September'. This was not a reason for refusal in the previous application, shall we acknowledge that we have made a mistake in this application now?

In what way do you feel that this is a mistake? If you have registered to marry then that is acceptable - such plans are a part of a visa application for the purpose of marriage.

I would appreciate you rating my answer as your original question has been answered. I am of course happy to provide further clarification if required.
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